Wedding Photography (The Other Kind)

We’ve all seen those beautiful shots that make us sigh. Shot with some sunlight in the lens and photoshopped to look like taken straight out of a fairy tale. Well, I think this is the easy part. We need good Photoshop skills and proper framing of the shot that we took in RAW to make all the necessary adjustments later.
So, why am I really against all this? First of all, it’s getting trivial. All these made up poses are getting boring. Photographers are starting to forget the classic poses that we know will always make the woman look pretty and feminine and the man look strong and masculine. Now it’s all about taking either funny or over-photoshopped images that look unnatural.
Anyway, there is another wedding photography that we need to keep an eye on. Yes, it’s the table shots. Remember the guests need photos too. This is where old school hardcore straight-to-jpeg shots need to be done right and as fast as possible so we can then go back to shooting the young family.

Well, here are my tips and explanations for the table shots:
1. Use manual settings (aperture, ISO, shutter speed, flash) or in other words turn that dial to M and do not change anything from the first to the last photo, unless external conditions change.
Why? Simply because you… (click here to go to the original thread)

Kamen Kunchev Photography, All rights reserved

Wedding photography requires capturing the moment more than anything else. If you’re fast and set your camera properly without thinking too much you will be getting the best results. Keep both eyes open and concentrate on the action.


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